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About Us


What We Are  

Manomey is a multinational multimedia company which is aimed at empowering dreams of our world.  We are a team of innovative, positive and possible thinkers who are DOers too. We dare to dream.

Our Mission is to provide Legendary and Intuitive solutions to real world problems.


What We Believe 

We are focused on Your Dreams

Achieving everyday dream is made possible by the influence of others who equally believe in the dream. Manomey believes in every dream and believes that every dream is possible to be made a reality.  Our team of able DOers who work hard and smart, passionately and affectionately, rallying behind every dream makes our delivery as a team possible. 

At Manomey, we are a customer or client centered. We are aimed at satisfying the customer, client and user needs at all times.  We make sure our customers, client and users are satisfied to the core. The smiles we put on our customer, client and User’s face, sure tells us that they are very much satisfied with Our Products and services.

We keep things simple and easy in the sight of our customers, clients and users while we deal with the sophistication with respect to our customer, client and user’s needs. We are very much delighted in dealing with what our customers, clients and users’ call problems,  which we see as opportunities.

We are Time Conscious 

We are sure to be a lifeline to your deadlines. We deliver when we are to deliver. We are very much interested in meeting your deadlines to please you. We believe in fast delivery to our customers, Clients and Users’ needs.

We are aimed at making the responds time to all customers, clients and user’s requests none to be compared with. We will deliver  before you are done with your requirements.

Our product and service performance meet our customer, client and user needs with respect to response time in delivering their every day need.

You Have a Say

We carefully listen to our customer, client,  and users’ needs to deliver the exact and precise solutions they need. What you say is most important, though we guide you with our professional and technical know-how. At the delivery of products and services, we meet customer, client and user needs. With any system they request, we develop. We share with the customer, client, and user a common sense of achieving their dreams and believe that in helping  our customer, client and user achieve their dreams, we also achieve our dream.

We Meet You at The Point of Your Needs

We are aimed at building a legendary service and for these reasons we would ask you if we could be of help in making your dreams come true. We create opportunities for our customers, clients and users to approach us with their needs. We deliver solutions to the needs of our customer, clients and users at their door step.

Our Charges Are Fair 

Customers, Clients and users determine the price they pay for our products and services. Though our charges are standard, our customers, clients and users cheerfully determine what price they pay for our products and services. Customers, clients and users have always described our products and services, a value they can not pay for.

We give back to our customers, clients and users, what they pay for our products and services through intuitive, attractive and  efficient customer service delivery.

Meet Our Team



Manuel is a founder and the CTO of Manomey Inc..

He sees to the development of solutions and brings ideas to life. His years of experince in the Tech Industry makes him stand out.



Lester is the CEO of Manomey Inc.

He brings on board years of marketing experience. With his goto market strategies we are able to apeal to our Clients