Manomeyy Inc. supports your dream with our legendary, intuitive and efficient products and services. Our systems are fully responsive and works seamlessly on any device. It has a modular and extendable architecture and is built on top of Symphony of components and modern open source libraries. Manomey Inc. is the perfect place for transforming your passion and ideas into a global brand you deserve. Start Shopping, Payments, Delivery, Streaming and all you love to do, instantly to a global community.

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The BrAINs

@Manomey we cherish the brains who make the variety of products and services we offer come to life and stay active. The BrAINs backed by the MiNDs who tend to make every dream of Manomey come true. The brains are made up of Systems Developers, Systems Analysts and Systems Designers who come together to build great products and services. 


All departments at Manomey play a key role in sustaining what we do and who we are. Our Brands, Marketing and Human Resource Departments help structure our products and services to meet the desired needs of our customers. At Manomey, the BrAINs play a major role in our service delivery and after sales services . They are the BrAINs behind every desk at Manomey and every product and service we offer.


The BrAINs believe in strong team work and team spirit which inspires great products and services. We share a common dream of making lives better and simpler for our clients and general customers. We come together to rally behind every dream of our clients and deliver to their taste and standard. The BrAINs offer support to themselves to accomplish a common goal in great team spirit. 


You can learn to be a BrAIN at Manomey when you take on your internship with us. You get the opportunity to work with the best to become the best. We offer you the opportunity to work on wonderful projects with the professionals  who will share their experience with you. To be a BrAIN you need a MiND and we will provide you a lifetime mentorship. Your mentors are your partners and their everyday coaching will equip you as you face every task with confidence. 

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