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RoBiT CommunityRobotics Introductory Training (RoBiT)is a subsidiary of Manomey Media Consult which is setup to promote STEM Education in Africa and beyond.

We provide platforms for teachers and students to adopt new and innovative ways of approaching everyday challenges they face in academics and in everyday activities. Our training programs help teachers and students at large adopt to trending technologies and improve on their existing skills. We provide a platform for teachers to research into effective ways of teaching, providing easy delivery for better understanding. RoBiT EDU

With RoBiT we provide solutions to our beneficiaries for a lifetime,  having impart on teachers teaching and students learning. We provide an avenue to acquire self learning skills, critical, creative and innovative thinking in their quest to adopt to effective problem solving techniques.

We aimed at providing an extra curricular activity for pupils and students to explore and nurture their talents. RoBiT provide support to schools and communities who have interest in learning Robotics and other fields which turn to promote STEM education. RoBiTTechShop

RoBiT provides tools and systems used in studying Robotics. We sell and supply robot kits and accessories to schools and individuals who wish to learn Robotics. We provide after sales services such as repairs of Robot kits and replacements of all or any Robot accessory. 

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